Shanbrooke Accoyo Seduction

Shanbrooke Accoyo Seduction

This stunning female is an example of how important Embryo transferee has become. Seduction’s elderly dam Accoyo El Nusta died 3 months before Seduction was born Recipients were carrying 3 of the dam’s embryos.  Accoyo Seduction was one of them and the other’s  were Accoyo Shere Revenge and Accoyo Heritage.  All three became  Champions at Royal level.

Seduction has since gone on to breed 9 living embryos from one flush and a natural all in one year. We have just recently flushed her again and she has given us 12 more embryos to a different sire this time.

Seduction is a sound well proportioned stylish female with and extremely dense fleece. She carries all the traits of the Accoyo blood.

Below you can view 6 of her 9 embryos from last year, photos were taken at 5 months of age. They are like peas in a pod which shows the true lineage of Accoyo Genetics.

Shanbrooke Invincible's Showpiece ET
ET Daughter of Seduction

Shanbrooke Accoyo Royal Challenge ET
ET son of Seduction

Shanbrooke Accoyo Twist Of Ginger ET
ET daughter of Seduction

Shanbrooke Accoyo Invincible's Ruling Eyes ET
ET Daughter of Seduction

Fleece of Showpiece at 5 month

Fleece of Royal Challenge at 5 months

Fleece of Twist of Ginger at 5 months

Fleece of Ruling Eyes at 5 months

Shanbrooke Accoyo Competitive Edge ET
Son of Seduction