Shanbrooke Fine Precision ET

Shanbrooke Fine Precision ET

Colour - Solid Light Fawn

Sire - Shanbrooke Accoyo Rasptin

Dam - Shanbrooke Peruvian Shikira

Fine Precision is from one of my top breeding familiy's. His dam a Champion in Peru has produced many show winners and Champions in Australia.

Precision is no exception taking out ribbons at all major shows he has been entered in.

Precision continues to win shows in his 3rd. fleece taking out 1st prize at his first 2010 show and continued his winning through out the year with 2nd at Sydney Royal, 3rd. Melbourne Royal, and    1st at the 2010 National Show.

Precision, now in his 4th fleece is off to a good start winning 1st prize at the 2011 Sydney Royal Show.

Precision's fleece has deep amplitude and  well defined crimp which carries from the root to the tip and low into his chest area. He has high lustre and excellent length.

Precision is also an SRS certified breeding Male.

First Fleece

16.88 SD 3.76 CV 22.89 Spin Finess 16.38 Curv 73.03

SRS RESULTS: Tested at 24 months

Density 55.3

SP Ratio 10.9

This stylish male is certified and is working well.

Fleece Stats

Micron 16.58 SD 3.76 CV 22 89 Curvature 73.03

Fine Precision Fleece Nov. 2010

Fine Precisions 3rd fleece Nov. 2010